Manchester Evening News sold to Trinity Mirror

The Guardian Media Group have sold their flagship regional paper to Trinity Mirror.

Regional media giants, Trinity Mirror already have a stronghold on the Merseyside regional titles, giants like the  Liverpool Echo and Daily Post, smaller locals like the Southport Visiter and Ormskirk Advertiser, as well as national tabloid The Mirror.

The groups are expected to finalise the reported £44.8 million deal by the end of March.

Of the massive sum, £7.4 million comes in cash and Trinity Mirror is releasing GMG from a £37.4 million print contract. The deal includes MEN Media regional titles in the north west and S&B Media in the south.

The sale of the M.E.N. has been expected since the paper cut its free city centre copies to only twice weekly and the status of the newspaper has fallen locally with city centre readers saying that they would rather pick up a free copy of the Metro on the days the M.E.N. isn’t free, this hasn’t been reflected in figures though.

Last year HowDo reported that the Evening News was one of the only North West papers to see a rise in readership.

It will be interested to see how the publication changes once the deal is completed. What do you think will change?


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