Varsity – Manchester

Oxford Street, Central Manchester.

Perfect for a cheap and cheerful, and perhaps chavvy night out.

A pub-type football watching chip eating venue by day, Varsity transforms into a perfect venue for a mainstream girly night out.

Entry costs between £1 and £3 from around 9pm at weekends dependent upon the night and time.

Drinks start from just £1 with some of the best offers in central Manchester.

The JournoBarbie girls and I popped our collective Varsity cherry on a Saturday night.

Purple flashing lights, scantily clad shots waitresses and a strange crow in a cabinet were our first observations.

Once the initial first impression that you’ve walking into a student union bar has passed it is actually quite good fun.

The drinks are cheap, the music is dance-pop-cheesy and the atmosphere is working-class and relaxed.

Age range varies, we shared a table with a group of people celebrating a 40th birthday but the majority of ‘Varsitiers’ were below the 25 years age range.

Outfit choice would be trendy but not exceptional and good shoes (but not best as drinks could be spilled) can be worn as wooden floor and carpet were pretty clean so they won’t get too ruined!

Overall, good cheesy night out and McDonald’s is across the road for a burger while waiting for the taxi…good times.


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