Factory 251 – Manchester

“Fac251 Head Office of Factory Communications Ltd… Built by Tony Wilson. Designed by Ben Kelly. Paid for by New Order. Broken by The Happy Mondays.”

If you live in the North West and haven’t heard of the new indie night club in Manchester then you must be living under a rock.

Fac251 is housed in the building that was once home to Factory records, the spawn of which includes Joy Division and New Order.

Some have billed it as the modern day Hacienda, if it is then the fantasy is shattered. The Hacienda to me screams of awesome nights and bleary days, Fac251 murmurs mainstream.

It may as well have a sign above the door saying “We are cool, if you come inside you are too” because the people in there were pants!

Perhaps Saturday night is not the best of nights to go, and I will perhaps give the venue another go on a different night (I’ll report back).

The venue was designed as an office block and still has the cramped corridors and single staircases, crammed to the brim with pushing and drink spilling indie boppers that wouldn’t know a decent song if it hit them in the head, they just wear the clothes.

The club is spread out over three floors: the lower is not bad a large open space with stage and DJ; first floor smells horrendous and the red lights did my head in after five minutes (plus there was a really strange middle aged guy dressed like Uncle Bryn from Gavin and Stacey, dancing all on his own which put me off a little); and the top floor looks like a big attic conversion with a Hacienda sign above the stairs.

Forgive me for sounding negative, it is tough to be positive about a nightclub that we ended up leaving after an hour to go to the pub across the road (Joshua Brooks, it has amazing chairs).

The venue is just not all that it is cracked up to be.

The music doesn’t sound great, at some points it was even buzzing and not in the good base sort of a way that it should. I can’t imagine what live bands sound like when they play there, and I would rather not!

The lights are just a bit ‘try hard’ and I am not sure why but they seem too bright (maybe I am getting old).

As for value for money it is hard to spend £6 entry and then £2.50 on an alcopop when you know that across the road in Fifth Avenue where vodka Redbull is only £1.50 and entry won’t exceed £4.

Overall a big disappointment so hopefully a return visit will change my mind.

 Visit www.factorymanchester.co.uk for more information.


One thought on “Factory 251 – Manchester

  1. “I go somewhere which is cool only by association, therefore I am cool by third party association.” (I am also sick on myself and have to get chucked out by a meathead bouncer)

    Time for a proper pint, and a portion of Chicken Pakora and Chips.

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