Ten reasons why we LOVE Twilight

Journobarbie, Edward Cullen, Twilight
Edward Cullen..oooh if only vampires were real...

The Twilight Saga (Stephanie Meyer) has swept the globe up into a vampire/werewolf frenzy. But why do we love it so much? (Apart from the obvious…aaaaaah Edward!)  

1. We love a love story… and who didn’t dream of having the dream popular guy at school loving us back?  

2.We relate to Bella. Her awkward clumsiness, insecurity and vulnerability is recognised by anyone who has ever been head-over-heels in love. But her strengths (determination, selflessness, shielding magicalness) make us feel less pathetic!  

3. It takes over your life. Never have we known books/films to be so compelling that it literally takes over everything. Harry Potter was gripping but not a scratch on these babies. Everything relates to vampires and werewolves somehow!  

4. Magic is magical. As little girlies and boys it was all about magic and fairytales; Twilight just seems to make it all seem possible.  

5. Bella and her Dad. Their growing bond throughout the stories makes us love our Dads even more. Awww, bless Charlie.  

6. The Cullens are cool. We always wanted to be a fly on the wall in the cool kids’ house and here’s our access pass. (Yes, we know they are vampires and technically not real.)  

7.  Everyone has to have their say on it. Team Edward, Team Jacob or both? Or is it all a load of rubbish?! We all have a preference (even if it is a preference to not both with the saga) and it is impossible not to debate about it.  

8. We’re in love with Edward/Jacob/Emmet/Jasper/Carlisle (delete as appropriate) and want to keep reading just to find out more and stay close to them (again, even though they are not real and we are not really spending time with them).  

9. Edward, Jacob, Carlisle, Jasper, James, Sam, etc are all fit. Enough said.  

10. It’s a total gripper. Will Bella be a vampire? Where’s Alice gone? Will Edward come back? Where are the Volturi? What’s going on in Seattle? Why won’t Victoria just bugger off?  

And…. ten reasons why we hate it…

1. Love story – bleurgh. It’s never the same in real life.  

Journobarbie, Twilight
Say no to the saga!

2. “Team Edward!” “No Team Jacob!” “We’re not friends.” *storms out never to speak again*  

3. It takes over your life. Reading takes over working, sleeping, studying, etc.  

4. Magic isn’t real and that sucks.  

5. The Cullens are cool, I am not.  

6. We love Edward/Jacob and noone else will do!  

7. We relate to Bella but don’t end up with the gorgeous vampire guy!  

8. Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Victoria, etc are all unacheivably beautiful. Boo hiss.  

9. We feel Bella’s pain in New Moon and it sucks…sob…sob…sob.  

10. Four books is just not enough.  

OK….anyone got any numbers for good psychologists I think I need some help!


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