Random thoughts that I had on the bus home today…

1. Wow…you smell interesting and not in a good way.

2. Floor length leather jacket? Are you in The Matrix? No? Then should you really be wearing that hideous creation then?

3. Split side leggings? No.

4. Eww. Look at that smudge on the window…I don’t even want to guess what that could be…

5. I bet that smudge is from someone’s greasy hair…

6. Or maybe someone had toast on the bus and had greasy fingers…

7. Katy Perry really is rather good.

8. Maybe that smudge was where someone had tried to wipe something else off the window, like when you write in your breath-cloud and then rub it off…?

9. What is the opposite of exaggerate?

10. Need sleep.

Just thought I’d share that with the world. That’s all.


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