Fear…dum dum duuuuuuuum…

With Halloween fast approaching everything is starting to get a little spookier: darker nights, howling winds and ghouls and ghosties everywhere you look.

But Halloween is not so much fun for some people though, it is actually pretty scary. This got me thinking about the silly things that people are afraid of.

There’s the usual; snakes, spiders, mice, bugs, etc etc but what about the really bizarre stuff that knocks people sideways with fear when other people probably wouldn’t even notice?

Myself, for example, I have an irrational fear of the ghost face from the horror flick Scream (known by me and my friends as ‘The Scream-man’). Which makes this time of year, although I love the weather and general wintry stuff, actually kinda freaky!

We live near a wood-type area with lots of trees and I cannot look out of the window once it is dark as there is this little voice in my head that is convinced the Scream-man will be running through the trees like in the first Scream film.

And last night I had a little fit with myself because in our house we have french windows and i remembered, whilst home alone, that the dreaded ghost-faced one crashes through the french windows in the film in the pursuit of Drew Barrymore’s demise.

I cannot watch the films (especially not the new one that is currently in production, despite the boyfriend and friends mocking my issues) and cannot even see the mask (even if it is just in a store) without having palpitations.

Now I justify this fear because the Scream-man is a murderer that is actually kinda scary and I have always had issues with masks/clowns/etc, but there are some fears that I simply cannot get my head around…

One of the most popular and confident girls at my school was secretly terrified of hair. Not if it was attached to your head/face/body/etc but any loose hair and she would flip her lid. She had no idea why it bothered her so much and must have been fairly debilitating at times.

A student on my course at university is completely afraid of Barbie dolls (she never revealed the reason but I suspect perhaps she had an accident with one when she was little perhaps.) She, perhaps foolishly, shared this fear in a seminar ice-breaker excercise and people chuckled and sniggered. Two guys took it a little too far the next day and threw an ancient looking Barbie type doll at her in a lecture.

The ensuing hysteria was…erm…surprising: tears, tantrums and almost fainting, and the doll didnt even touch her! It made my Scream thing seem fairly normal.

It makes me wonder if people can get over these fears.

 I have been trying over the past few months to move on from some of the other things that frighten me, these silly things shouldn’t hold people back. For example, I used to be scared of eyeballs. I couldn’t put anything in or near my eye, but with a bit of focus and rational thought I have moved past this and yesterday put contact lenses in (major achievement!). But how do you get past fears that seem to have no logic or way of moving on from?

If anyone knows, please let me in on the secret because this Scream-man thing is getting a tad ridiculous now!


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