TOP 5: Lyrics from JLS, Outta This World

Lovely lovely lovely JLS boys...

We all have our favourite lines in our favourite songs, and JLS have some corkers in there new album Outta This World so here are five of JournoBarbie‘s  favourites.

(Please note: most of them only make sense if you imagine they are singing them to us…swoon…)

1) ” Lady, lady tell me why you wear those heels, drives me crazy..” – exactly the reaction every girl wants when they are stillettoed up and feeling fabulous. (4. That’s My Girl)

2) “Like Rhianna, she’s a rockstar, you’ll know I’ll be her rudeboy.” – cheeky cheeky Oritse.  (5. Work)

3) “First day that I saw you, thought you were beautiful, but I couldn’t talk to you I watched you walk away” – gorgeous, talented, flattering and shy…! (7. Love You More)

4) All of “Other Side of  the World” …sob/swoon (8. Other Side of the World)

5)  “She likes a walk on the beach on a sunny day, and a nice hot drink in a small cafe” Woah! You really do know what I like! (6. I Know What She Like)


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