Outta This World!!!


JLS – Manchester Evening News Arena – December 2010

From X-Factor runners up two years ago to intergalactic super-stardom those JLS boys are unstoppable!

It is difficult not to see why these four London lads have managed to charm their way to the top of the charts and onto the bedroom walls of millions of girls in the country.

Starting their show with the title track for their new album Outta This World, the boys fly over the crowd in the car from the Club Is Alive video, and the girls go wild!

The set is amazing, and the show perfectly choreographed from start to finish. Massive screens, lasers, fire and confetti cannons are amongst the special effects in store throughout the almost two hour set.

The upbeat hits The Club Is Alive, Beat Again and One Shot get the crowd on their feet, waving their arms and singing so loud the boys don’t even need to open their mouths.

A walkway over the crowd is lowered from the ceiling (to the delight of those in the gods, who now get a closer look at their idols) for the slower number one Love You More and future hit Other Side of the World.

In all honesty the mixture of an audience of young girlies with their diddly boppers and flashing wands, the adoring looks on their faces as they scream at their ‘future husbands’ and the beautiful lyrics, I actually got a little lump in my throat during Love You More.

It is great to see how one group of lads can bring so much excitement and joy to a whole arena of people. And boy do they know how to charm!

Asking ‘all the ladies in the room’ if they have a boyfriend, Aston then declares that he, in fact, would be a much better option for us, to then launch into album track Better For You.

The upbeat tracks continue, with Titan (the robot from Big Brother 10) joining the band on-stage for superhero. That robot has got some slick moves!

On the topic of dancing, the choreography throughout the show was amazing. From waltzes to Thriller to back flips, they could give Diversity a run for their money!

 The foursome return for their encore in their trademark hoodies to sing Everybody In Love, a goosebump moment for any JLS fan. Queue confetti cannons, streamers and everybody in the room has their hands in the air (even the Dads that have been dragged along with daughters) and are singing until their lungs pop.

 Magical night, I think I’m in love with them all!


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