Hot hair for the holidays!

hollyFabulous hair is a must have for the holiday season, here at JournoBarbie we have a few hints and tips to get fab hair without the hassle.

 Here are my favourite two styles over the the holidays, the glamorous night ‘down-do’ and the day after  up-do.

Turn Up The Volume


Big hair is a big yes at the moment! The easiest way to get big volume is a good blowdry.

Amy Gibson, hairstylist at Regis, The Trafford Centre recommends a good volume product such as the Regis Designline Powder Boost Volumiser or Tigi Bed Head ‘Cocky’ thickening paste.

“Apply the product to towel dried hair and for big volume dry hair with a large round brush and dry upwards, or tip your head upside down and dry this way.

“Once the hair is dry try not to touch it too much as this is when the volume will drop out of it.”

Another trick to thick glamorous hair is extensions. These are my favourite cheat to gorgeous hair and clip in ones can be put in and taken out without the stress of having to make an appointment at the salon.

The tip to getting perfect extensions is to make sure the colour match is perfect – good extension suppliers will colour match the hair for you.

Start with hair completely dried and straightened and brushed through and have a comb, hairspray and sectioning clips at the ready.

“Section the hair properly starting with the smallest section at the nape of the neck. Perfect sections will mean that the extensions will stay in better and for longer.

“Once you have the section backcomb at the roots and clip the hair into place ensuring that the hair is tight but not pulling.

“Repeat this process until all of the hair is in place, aim to have the final section no higher that half-way up your head so that you natural hair covers the weft when you move.”

Gently comb through to blend together. For even more volume backcomb your natural hair at the roots for the infamous Cheryl Cole look.

The Audrey Up-Do


 My favourite hair style, especially for the day after, is the Audrey Hepburn style up-do.

Begin by backcombing all your hair at the roots and smoothing back into a ponytail, secure with an elastic.

Backcomb the ponytail, or if you don’t have a lot of hair, sponge ‘doughnuts’ can be used to thicken out the bun.

Fold hair under below the ponytail and over above and pin into place with hair grips to create the ‘bun’ shape.

Smooth over with a comb and hairspray or mess up for a trendy informal style.

Simple as peas!


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