2011 predictions

It is 1-1-11! Happy New Year!!!!!

Here are JournoBarbie’s predictions for the new year, wishing you all the best of everything for the year ahead:


*Top prediction* The coalition government will come to an end. I cannot see the relationship continuing for a lot longer when the Lib Dems are being slated left, right and centre. To u-turn on their focal idea (tuition fees) and back a raise shows that the party is more concerned with staying Westminster, even as the Tories lapdogs, regardless of what that means for the country. Come on Mr Miliband let’s start a revolution.

Journobarbie, new year predictions
Queen of the barbz Nicki

1) Nicki Minaj is going to be HUGE in the UK this year! Noone over here cares about LIl Kim enough so she simply has no competition – there’s a big space for you to fill here in Good Ol’ England Nicki.

2) The Take That tour is going to be the most amazing concert of the year. If The Circus tour is the bar to reach, the guys have got their work cut out for them because that show was amazing! I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going to come up with (other than the obvious reunion with the Robster).There has already been a mechanical giant elephant, a hologram of Robbie, a tightrope walker, rain, fireworks, and everything else you could possibly want from a show. Maybe this time they’ll go for a real alien?

3) Liverpool Football Club will be relegated. It will be a sad sad day for English football but I cannot see the once mighty Redmen turning this crisis around. They have new owners, new manager but are stiull relying on the same two guys (Stevie G and ‘Nando Torres) so when they are injured all fails. Fingers crossed I am wrong on this one.

journobarbie, new year predictions, 2011, royal wedding
We cannot wait to see Kate's dress! (eep!)

4) Kate Middleton will be an absolutely beautiful bride and Prince Harry will do something outrageous during the course of the wedding celebrations and noone will be surprised. I cannot wait to see the wedding dress!

5) Twilight Breaking Dawn (part one) will be the biggest film of the year and Edward fever will hit an all new high! Twigeeks are taking over 2011!! (But we still have to wait another year for the second part..booooo).

6) Jordan/Katie Price/Katie Reid will have a major cat fight with Kerry Katona over Peter and the press will have a field day. Kerry will sort herself out and be the new Cheryl Cole and Jordan/Katie will become a nun and absolve all of her sins so that we never have to see her mush in the press anymore! (Please!).


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