Get your ass up, show me how you BURLESQUE!

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Golden Globe nominated but slated by the critics Burlesque has been a controversial new release and not in the ways one would expect with such a title.

Burlesque, starring diva power team Cher and Christina Aguilera, is about the typical small town girl and her big move to lala land.

Despite the storyline being dismally predictable – think Coyote Ugly for example – the cast manage to pull the film into fabulousness.

Christina, who plays small-town girl Ali, shows how magnificently talented she is. Please note, the sleazy promo shots of her barely holding her enormous chesticles are trashier than the movie which is deals with the necessary nudity rather tastefully, no more raunchy than a Pussycat Dolls video.

Speaking of the Dolls, there are a couple of routines in the movie that look to have been copied and pasted directly from one of their shows. This is the main disappointment, with only one of the shows many routines featuring the traditional burlesque strip tease.

Cher, who plays matriarch and House of Burlesque owner Tess, is seamlessly diva throughout, oozing star quality. However it really is a medical marvel how she can still manage to move her face after all of that surgery.

The developing romance between Ali and Jack, played by Cam Gigandet (James in Twilight, Volchok in The O.C.) is so believable, gripping and holds the film together.

Possibly because Gigandet is gorgeous throughout! Watch out for the ‘cookies’ scene, male or female I defy not to be impressed by his nakedness! In fact Gigandet makes us fall in love with him within about three seconds of being on screen.

Cher’s portrayal of Tess is flawless, it is hard not to sympathise with her desperately trying to cling onto her dream.

Other famous faces to appear are Peter Gallagher (Sandy Cohen, The O.C.), Dianna Agron (Quinn, Glee) and the wonderful Stanley Tucci (Devil Wears Prada, The Lovely Bones).

The ending, as with the general plotline, is a little predictable but the journey towards it is tassle-twirlingly, foot-tappingly, booty-shakingly brilliant.


One thought on “Get your ass up, show me how you BURLESQUE!

  1. I adore this film! Anytime you put Cher and CHristina Aguilera in the same place, you will not be disappointed. Cam had a little to do with it too, he is beautiful! I was singing and dancing all the way out of the theater! Loved it!

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