“It’s awfully crowded in here.”

journobarbie, vanity fair

Johnny Depp: actor, poet, musician, heart-throb, pirate, Hatter and now JournoBarbie’s favourite person in the world.

In the January 2011 issue of Vanity Fair, Johnny opens up to friend and rock legend Patti Smith in one of his most personal interviews ever, with stunning photographs by Annie Leibovitz.

Depp usually fiercely guards his privacy but this interview is insightful and personal, credit for which is owed to Patti Smith. Rather than an impersonal stranger journalist, Patti knows Depp personally and knows exactly what to ask.

The feature covers everything from wearing poet Kerouac’s raincoat to the development of the infamous Captain Jack, his friendship with Hunter S Thompson to the pleasures of wearing a good pair of pyjamas.

The most interesting part of the interview arises when Smith asks Depp, renowned for his eccentric roles and intense characters, how he deals with each character once a role is finished.

journobarbie, sparkly_alice

 To which he responds: “They are all still there, which on some level can’t be the healthiest thing in the world.

“I always picture it as this chest of drawers in your body. Ed Wood is in one, the Hatter is in another, Scissorhands is in another.

“The weirdest thing is that I can access them. They’re still close to the surface.”

No wonder his portrayal of the multiple personality Hatter, in Alice in Wonderland was so fantastic!

The full interview is available in this month’s issue of Vanity Fair. (But be quick because February issue is graced by Justin Bieber which may not be quite so insightful!)


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