New year = new you?


Ditch the scales and love you!

The new year has begun and the media is rife with ‘new you’ articles, how to get fit/thin/flabless/blah blah blah.
Well I am here to say: NEW YEAR SAME YOU!!
 You are fabulous as you are. You do not have to lose weight just because magazines/websites/tv shows tell you to.

If you want to shape up and get fit do it for you not because you feel that you have to be as thin as the people that you see in the media.

The majority of the time these fad diets do not work well anyway, you drop weight only to put it straight back on once you eat normally again.

And I am not just talking to the girls either, guys same goes for you.

Embrace who you are and enjoy the new year as you.

Big love

JournoBarbie (Alice) xxxx


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