This is so wrong.

Kenny Tong

This is so wrong.

Kenneth Tong, the 2009 Big Brother contestant famous for being rich and a playboy is promoting ANOREXIA  over Twitter.

Retweeting photos of skeletal girls and pushing catchphrases such as “hunger hurts but starving works” and  “get thin or die trying”.

The worst part is people are listening to him! He has more than 9,600 followers and people are tweeting him pictures of their tiny waists and bony frames.

@HollyDolly tweeted Mr Tong saying: “@MrKennethTong has made me realise I want to be super skinny. Any tips on how to lose the weight fast? Xx”

This has to stop!

We need to report this guy adnd get his sick messages off of the site because young people are reading and believing that anything bigger than a size zero is fat!


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