Don’t let the footprints fade away…

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Photo courtesy of ALTA

Since 2002, 11 Amur leopard carcasses have been discovered on the black market, despite the animal being the most endangered big cat on the planet.

With less than 40 left in the wild the Amur leopard is dangerously close to extinction, and is still being poached for their fur and use in Asian medicines.

According to The Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance (ALTA), the biggest threat to the leopard is not poaching but loss of habitat. Between 1970 and 1983, the territorial range of the Amur leopard was reduced by a massive 80%.

cute baby animals, amur leopards, endangered species, consernvationThe majority of the remaining wild leopards live in North Korea and Russia, where forest fires set by villagers growing ferns, logging and agriculture all add to habitat loss in the area.

The latest study to see how many of the leopards are left in the wild (from 2007) showed that there were 18 males and 19 females. The mix of males and females gives the survival of the species more hope as this means that there is a good mix to breed.

Here are JournoBarbie, we are supporting the ALTA campaign for the Amur leopard by spreading the word about this amazing creature.

amur leopard, endangered, conservation, cute baby animals
Photo courtesy of ALTA

Here are suggestions how you could help prevent the extinction of one of the planet’s most beautiful creatures:

1)      Pass on the message: the more people know about the severity of the plight of the Amur leopard, the more people can help. Share this page on sites such as Facebook and Twitter by clicking the ‘Share This’ buttons.

2)      Donate, or adopt a leopard for yourself: WWF offer an adopt a leopard package where you can receive updates about the leopards and your donation will help fund the campaign. Follow this link to go directly to the adoption page:

3)      Support lobbying for improved conservation policies and regulations: keep track of environmental policies, sign petitions where you can and show your support for the campaign.


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