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A freed Egypt

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The skies over Egypt erupted into fireworks last night as President Mubarak stepped down after 18 days of protests.

Demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square, in capital city Cairo, exploded with cheers and chants as Mubarak announced an end to his 30 year reign over Egypt.

Celebrating the end of decades of poverty, corruption and unemployment since the President took over control in 1981, protestors cried “the people ousted the president”.

Vice President Omar Suleiman will now work alongside the military to bring democracy to the country until elections for a new leader can be held later in the year.

Protestors were expected to vacate Tahrir Square over the next few days however, they have this morning issued a statement to say that they will not move until a reform agenda is accepted by those now in charge. These demands include the release of all political prisoners and an end the state of emergency including current curfew restrictions.

The several hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Cairo, and coastal city Alexandria, across the 18 days after a group of youth activists tapped into the widespread discontent with Mubarak’s regime.

Mubarak’s exit has been well received across the globe, with UK Prime Minister David Cameron describing today as “a moment of precious opportunity” to move towards “a civilian and democratic rule.”

US President Barack Obama called Egypt and inspiration and urged clarity for the Egyptian people, for the step-by-step process of establishing a democratic and representative government to be clearly explained to them.

EU Parliament President Jerzy Buzek explained Europe’s involvement in the development of the new Egypt. He said: “Europe will measure the next steps in the fulfillment of the people’s demands by repealing the emergency laws and by ending all intimidation of journalists, human rights defenders or political dissidents.”


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