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UK leading the way in online shopping

online shopping, internet retailMore and more shoppers in the UK are choosing to avoid the crowds and shop from the comfort of their own couch.

Almost one in every £10 spent in the UK throughout March was spent online.

According to the latest bulletin from the Office of National Statistics, 9.8% of non-fuel sales were made over the internet.

With internet shopping becoming easier and faster, it seems that more of us prefer to stay home and browse the net rather than battle the weather, crowds and queues on the High Street.

This trend was echoed in the latest report from Forrester Research, which estimated that online retail sales across Europe grew 18% last year.

The report also stated that 57% percent of adults across Europe now shop online, with the UK leading the way; almost 72% of the UK population bought items online during 2010.

Forrester Vice President and research director Patti Freeman Evans said: “The online market in both the US and Western Europe remains strong, despite the challenging economy.

“In Europe, very strong growth in 2010 was fuelled by new online buyers and higher spend per capita on the demand side, as well as the launch of transactional websites by established offline buyers.”

It is not only internet shopping from a PC or laptop that is on the increase, “M-retailing” is also growing year on year.

Research by InMobi showed that 42% of us still prefer shopping in stores, 28% on the PC and a surprising 30% prefer shopping on the move using mobile internet.

“M-retailing”sales, shopping using your mobile internet, are expected to reach a massive £1bn by the end of 2011, with apps and mobile friendly sites becoming easier and more readily available.

Mobile apps, games and music has boosted the growth for mobile shopping, but research by InMobi showed that 10% of ‘mobile’ sales were clothes and electronics.


One thought on “UK leading the way in online shopping

  1. I’m lucky to have a very privileged view of the internet and spending on it through the 4000 business clients on our network and it’s safe to say that this internet spending thing might take off!!

    Mobile web is definitely the next big driver. In China, more people use their mobile devices to connect online than use PCs – they don’t want to be tethered to a static base and this trend is growing over here in the UK. The smart high street businesses are creating apps and mobile sites that work in conjunction with their physical stores to build loyalty and deliver the best offers.

    After all, we can now stand in a shop having found the product we want and do a price comparison on our phones to get the best deal. The power is firmly with the consumer…and the savvy web business.

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