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Is Owling the New Planking?

Owling JournoBarbie
Twit-twooo! One of the many owlers online

Now we all know that social media is a brilliant medium for new sharing and general social activity but by far my favourite purpose of the social machine is amusement.
On any given day hilarious tweets/statuses/twitpics/etc are ten-a-penny,ready to bring a chuckle to even the gloomiest of days. Planking contributed massively to the giggles until it all got a bit dangerous, but now socialites have upped their game.
Welcome ‘owling’ to the social media arena. Owling is simply finding an amusing place to perch, owl-style, and stare of into the distance. The key to this is getting an accomplice to photograph the event and post it onto Facebook/Twitter or the like.
I hold my hands up to the owlers out there, some of the photos are hilarious.
Be safe!


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