MEN Arena Halloween October 31 2011

Katy Perry #ManchesterDreams

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Candy canes, gingerbread men and squirty-cream shooting boobs: it can only be Katy Perry!

After a total fluke I managed to get two tickets to Katy Perry live at the MEN Arena (collecting the tickets three hours before she was due on and at cost price – thank goodness for seatwave!).

Baring in mind her questionable performance of Firework on XFactor earlier in the year, I wasn’t holding out much hope for the vocal but was hoping for a crackingly entertaining show. I was not disappointed.

Following a transfixing video sequence setting the scene for the dream – and featuring a rather handsome baker boy – Katy entered the elaborate set wearing one of her trademark candy-themed dresses and her halloween outfit: a Rihanna mask.

From this moment, Mrs Brand was non-stop entertainment. Not only was her vocal on point throughout, but her personality shone brighter than the illuminous stage set.

With her irritatingly cool and witty interludes she even managed to charm the Dad who was sat with his three young girls in the row in front of me. This gentleman started the concert taking pictures of his daughters and sitting back in his chair looking unamused, by the end he was on his feet with the girls spinning them around.

In the highlight of the show (for me) Katy jumped aboard a ‘floating’ candyfloss cloud that traveled across to the other side of the arena while she sang one of my personal favourites: Thinking of You. There was barely a dry eye in the house – unless, perhaps for the Dads and hubbies that had been dragged along with the WADs (WADs – wives and daughters? No..? Ok then…). Watch the video below to see what I mean.

In a nod to her MySpace roots, KPez sent her ‘proper fans’ into a frenzy with Ur So Gay – featuring classic lyrics like “I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf” but the songstress did leave out the ending scream of ‘PENIS’ much to the disappointment of the gaggle of young girls behind me, who giggled throughout the song in anticipation.

Not Like The Movies, brought the craziness down a pace with Katy appearing on a swing in front of a huge screen projecting images of old school romance. While bubbles filled the air, Ms Perry proved why she deserves her status as a pop princess and reminded us of her country beginnings.

The pace picked up with Hot and Cold and at least ten dress changes throughout the course of the song! The infectious tune had the whole arena jigging and bopping along.

The grand finale came, unsurprisingly with Calfornia Gurls.The stage erupted with foam cannons, dancing gingerbread men and more colours than a million rainbows. Fantastic finish to a fantastic concert.



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