easy twitter for beginners

Growing followers for a content-driven social account

So you’ve got the content, now what?

easy twitter for beginnersGrowing your flock of followers is all about getting your content out to people and showing them that you are a valuable source of information. Here are a few ways to give it a boost.

Strategic following:

Follow everyone that you speak to or meet asap after contact with them (they are more likely to recognise the account following them and follow back).

Good hashtagging:

#this #will #not #help #anyone #find #your #tweets, use hashtags to highlight the main topic of your tweet or the content you are sharing.

Eg. “Clothing firm takes retail to next level [link]”

Clothing and retail are the key words so “#Clothing firm takes #retail to next level [link]” will reach anyone searching for clothing or retail, and highlight to them that your content is what they are looking for.

You could also use #news #businessnews #business – dependent upon who you want to target with your post.

Look at the hashtags that other people are using to share content on the same topic as yours to make sure that you’re part of the right stream of conversations.

Random engagement challenge:

Reply to the first five tweets in your feed; no matter what they’re about. It forces you to really think about how to engage with people outside of your usual zone and is my favourite challenge of the day. How would you reply to: “Consumer perception may be ‘wrong’ in our view … but that doesn’t make it irrelevant.”

60/40 split:

Twitter is about two-way communication so the minimum split should be 60% engagement, 40% pushing content. A lot of people say this split should be 90/10 but unless you have a huge team and infinite resource to spend so much time on engagement, I think a 60/40 split will suffice.

Answer every question or tweet you receive:

For a budding account, this isn’t going to affect the ratio of ‘content to engagement’ because (unless you really strike it lucky) you should be receiving a trickle of responses, questions, retweets or favourites. Acknowledging engagement like this shows to other potential followers that this is an active and engaging account and that you are interested in conversations, not just throwing out your information.

Hijack news:

Search for keywords that feature in your story, eg bitcoins, and join any conversations by sharing your story, taking your news directly to people that ask about it in a friendly, helpful way.

Eg. “@sparkly_alice: what’s all this fuss about #bitcoins?”

“@contentdrivenprofile: @sparkly_alice We’ve got a summary of the latest goings on here if that helps 🙂 [link]

Ask a question:

It’s pretty simple, don’t forget to ask your followers questions as well as answering theirs. Directly ask for engagement from people: How are you all doing?

My favourite questions like this usually involve food and tend to go along the line of: “Big breakfast debate in the office this morning: What’s the ultimate meal to start the day? #teamporridge”

Tweets like this also give you the opportunity to show a human side to your Twitter feed and add a bit of personality.


It’s old-school Twitter and cheesy as heck but it is a reason to tag a few people in one tweet and encourage them to engage with you and put your name in front of their followers. Pick your favourite accounts (or the ones you want to follow you the most) and tweet them on ‘Follow Friday’.

Eg: “#FF to @xxxxxx @xxxxx @xxxxxx @xxxxx @xxxxx for the most entertaining tweets of the week…”

It may make seasoned tweeters and ‘social gurus’ cringe, but it’s the Wonderweb of your social media sewing box – sometimes it’s just necessary.

Ask people you know to share your content:

Anyone who tells you that great content will spread on its own, is telling big old fib. Viral content doesn’t just spring up from nowhere; someone has to start the ball rolling and the majority of us spend our day surrounded by people who could help. Every person you know is an opportunity to get your Twitter voice heard.

Asking people you know to help you out while you’re starting off is a simple way to start the word spreading. Tell everyone you meet about your Twitter account and make sure it’s on your business card, email signature and anywhere else you have your name and/or details. Ask team members, friends and colleagues to follow, retweet and share your posts to get the ball rolling.

Having great content to share is the most solid foundation of any social media account so you’ve covered the main hurdle already. This content does the hard work and creates engagement opportunities for you, and gives you a leg up to a great Twitter account simply by giving you something to talk about.

Now get talking!


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