Brace Yourselves

One week in with the jaw splint brace 

anterior repositioning splint for tmd
Image from

For the first time ever, I am grateful for being nearly 30. At 27 years old, I’ve accepted that I am who I am and having a brace that makes me speak strangely and look a bit odd isn’t going to bother me. Teenage me would have had a whole different outlook. Now though, I think if you’re going to judge me for having a brace, I am going to judge you right back.

It doesn’t make a huge difference to speech – just sounds a little like I have a sweet in my mouth while I’m talking, which if I am honest, was a regular occurrence pre-brace!

The 5mm-or-so of clear plastic added to the top of my bottom teeth to bring my lower jaw forward and relieve the symptoms of TMD, isn’t very comfortable though. Who knew your jaw could cause neck pain, earache and headache – as well as a sore face. The worst bit though is the mass of sore bits where the hard acrylic rubs on my gums. Gross, but thank god for Bonjela.

Another benefit, I guess, is the pure hassle of eating something. Not only is there significantly less room to fit any food in; it’s also a real pain in the ass having to wash the brace and brush my teeth after every snack or meal. But with a holiday coming up in three weeks or so, I guess less snacking is no bad thing!

I’ll keep writing a few posts with updates as the brace-wearing continues, in case there’s anyone out there awaiting their brace fitting and wondering what it will be like. So far it’s a bit rubbish, but not that bad.



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